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College of Rehabilitation Sciences 


With the exceeding gratitude to Almighty ALLAH I find myself in a great pleasure to write to you as the Executive Director of Bashir Institute of Health Sciences, an inclusive facility dedicated to produces the highly motivated and capable health care professionals. I am truly honored to lead the organization at a time when the future is so full of opportunities.
In the past couple of years there is a
continuous increase in the number of students looking wistfully at distant horizons while yearning quality health professional education. Due to the lack of sufficient number of institutes giving a quality education, either the candidates strained their physical, emotional and financial resources to the breaking point in pursuance of education abroad far from their home land and loved ones, or they simply gave up all hope and discontinued their academic careers.

Bashir Institute of Health Sciences took an initiative by offering a number of disciplines in the Allied health Sciences so that we can prove to be helpful to the public health delivery system by financial support and lessen the burden on Government thus enhancing health facilities in the region. By providing the quality education standards set by Higher Education Commission and Recognized degree from Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, the only public sector Medical University in the capital city of Islamabad, Bashir Institute of health Sciences will train the professional in their own country with no language and cultural barriers, thus making them competent to deal with the health problems of our country. We have assembled a dedicated and experienced faculty of professionals serving the career development needs of future health care providers and teaching them the latest medical ethics so that they may compete in their profession around the globe. 

“With faith discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.”

Mohammad Ali Jinnah


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