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Mussarat Sadiq 
College of Nursing 

“Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the student`s who are nation builders of tomorrow. They must fully equip them selves by discipline, education, and training of the arduous task lining ahead of them.”                      (Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah)

Bahsir Institute of Health Sciences Collage ofNursing is one of thepioneersinpublic private sector which will produce competent and skillful graduate BS Nursing students. We welcome you for becoming its part as the student of BS Nursing: Innovative changes in the health care environment are impacting professional nursing practice in a variety of settingand providing new opportunities for expending the role and function of the nurse. Professional nurses will need to balanceclinical outcomes, quality of care, patient satisfaction and coast effectiveness for rendering quality patient care. While the primary role of a nurse will continue to be the delivery of direct patient care and emphasis must be placed on coordination of facilitation of care through personal and professional development.

The college of nursing enriched with well qualified and experienced faculty, which are enthusiastic to teach by using modernteachingmethodologies.

We strongly believe that the nursing student are responsible for quality nursing practice, thus they need to be appropriately trained and directly supervised by qualified facultymembers.

We are confident that the mutual collaboration of our contribution and student`s efforts make us able to produce extra ordinary hand skilled nurses who has been filling the vacuum with in the health care delivery system of our home land country as well as globally, especially through higher education clinical facilities. Beside the academic part of our schedule like field visits, seminars,workshops,tutorials,panel discussions and conferences, we have various extra-curricular activitiese.g. Sportsweek, student’s welcome /farewell parties, annual funfair, religious and national day`s celebration etc.

We hope, you will enjoy your academic journey in the learning environment of college of nursing.

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