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Fee structure for Post RN  Nursing up

Particulars 1st semester 2nd semester 3rd semester 4th semester
Admission fee 10,000/-      
Tuition fee 40,000/- 40,000/-- 40,000/- 40,000/-
Caution money        
Miscellaneous fee        
Magazine fee        
Security fee (refundable)        
Grand total 50,000/- 40,000/- 40,000/- 40,000/-

Following dues will be paid by the students other than above mentioned charges

  1. University fee will be paid by the students as per university rules & regulations.
  2. Sports & Extracurricular Dues (As per BIHS Rules)
  3. The institute authority reserves the right to amend the fee structure as and when seem necessary.

Refund Policy:

Admission fee, tuition fee and any other dues once paid by the students are nither refundable nor adjustable  in any case.

Sr. No Particulars Details
3. Last Date of Form Submission  20 March 2018
4. Bank Name for fee submission Meezan Bank  Bhara Kahu Islamabad
5. Account title Bashir Institute of Health Sciences 
6. Account Number 0102777592
7. Branch Code  000381
8. Admission & 1st semester fee  50000/-
9. Hostel  charges 7000/- (8000/-for 1st month only)
10. Hostel Security fee (Refundable) 5000/-
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