• All the students of BIHS are expected to observe disciplinary standards of the institute in all their dealing. Failure to meet these standards will require them to appear before the disciplinary committee, which may recommend a suitable action against the students in terms of

    1. Fine in payable amount
    2. Suspension of the students
    3. Or Expulsion from the institute.

    Any of the following will call for a disciplinary action.

  • For not wearing a proper neat and clean uniform.

  • For not displaying the college identity card during institute time
  • Indulge in offences like act of dishonesty, harassment, assault of any kind, drug uses, drug possession, possession of arms, illegal and disruptive conduct, theft and misuses of property etc.
  • For take part in any political or immoral activity of any kind, in or around the premises of institute.
  • For not observing life of total commitment to discipline led down both in and out of institute and hostel and will respect the rights of others students , faculty members and general public’s.
  • For any willful damage to the institute property as it is considered a deliberate act of in-discipline and shall therefore be dealt with accordingly. The institute reserves the rights to dismiss the student for violation of its policies and regulation or for conduct prejudicial to the interest of institute.
  • Students are not allowed to collect the funds for any purpose what so ever without prior permission of management of college.
  • Students are absolutely not allowed to see visitors during teaching hours or receive a phone call except in extra ordinary circumstances.
  • No student is allowed to paste, exhibit prepare or distribute any poster, leaflet notice, pamphlet or hand bill, what so ever in the premises of institute.
  • Institute does not accept any liability or responsibility for any failure or delay in the performance due to any cause beyond its control such as fire, natural disasters, power failure, riots, political interest or act of public authorities etc.
  • In case of disciplinary action against guilty student resulting into his/her expulsion from the institute, he/she shall not be entitled for any financial or academic compensation.
  • Admission security fee will be refunded after one year of completion of degree.
  • Students are required to be aware of all notices that are put up on the Notice Boards.
  • No notice shall be put on notice board by any student directly unless permission has been granted by institute authorities.
  • BIHS reserve the rights to change any or all the rules at any stage during the course of time in the larger interests of institute or that of students.
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