Department of Pharmacy

BIHS Department of Pharmacy

This is an exciting time for pharmacy education. The demand for pharmaceutical services is expanding dramatically in community pharmacy, health-system pharmacy, managed health care, and the pharmaceutical industry. The Bashir College of pharmaceutical sciences is committed to education excellence and expanded opportunities for our students. The need for pharmacists’ expertise is evident from the many medication-related media stories focusing on new medications, adverse effects of medicines, and drug costs. The new Medicare drug benefit will greatly expand the opportunities for pharmacists to provide care.

Pharmacy, along with medicine and nursing forms the backbone of our national healthcare system. We cannot afford to remain behind other developing nations in providing quality drugs to our masses and professional manpower to our health institutions. We have to cater to the needs of this system by producing well qualified, professionally trained and highly competent pharmacists who can perform specialized tasks such as drug design, synthesis, manufacturing, quality assurance, marketing and supply system, procurement, storage, distribution and use of drugs in industry, hospital setting or in community practice.

Bashir Institute Of Health Sciences is Affiliated with University of Peshawar

Bashir Institute Of Health Sciences is Approved by Pharmacy Council of Pakistan