Dr.Bashir General & Dental Hospital Formerly Know as Bashir General and Dental Hospital was established in December 2014 with the aim of providing quality basic health care facilities. The purpose of the hospital is to provide teaching and learning atmosphere to the students as well as to provide the patients with the latest health care facilities at very reasonable and cheap cost.

Dental Hospital

The Dental Hospital is an independent part of the Bashir Institute of health sciences Islamabad.It has the most latest diagnostic techniques, intra oral imaging, digital radiology and complete treatment solutions for everyone.With Qualified staff,Providing basic health care facilities in the most efficient and professional way.

Our Services Includes:

  1. Tooth Extraction
  2. Root Canal Treatment
  3. Crown and Bridges
  4. Complete Denture
  5. Partial Denture
  6. Restoration/Fillings
  7. Dental X-Ray
  8. Scaling and Polishing (Whitening)

Bashir Eye Clinic

Bashir Institute Of Health Sciences Islamabad also includes its own fully equipped Eye Clinic To provided the patients with best Eye Health care services. Our Staff is Qualified and Trained.

Our Services Includes:

  1. Cataract, Glaucoma and Ocular Allergies Diagnosis
  2. Vision Disorders
  3. Prescribe Fit and Supply glasses and contact lenses
  4. Analyze and treat Eye Coordination.
  5. Full Orthoptic Assessment.
  6. Prescribe Other Specialized optical and non optical low vision aids.
  7. Pick up Health disorders involving eye like diabetes, Hypertension and thyroiad problem.

Other Departments:


The Radiology department is at present equipped with basic radiography facilities. With Dental Radiography Machine and Ultrasound Machine, the patients are at present facilitated with very cheap imaging health care under supervision of qualified radiologists. The department is expected to expand with the Hospital to cover all the aspects of radiology and imaging health care facilities in future.

Clinical Laboratory

The Clinical Laboratory at present provides the patients with daily routine and screening medical tests performed by qualified and experienced medical laboratory technologists. The rates of the medical tests are very low, trimmed down to facilitate the patients as much as possible. The laboratory is well maintained in a sterile and clean environment.